Best Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error 6143

QuickBooks has provided support to various business ventures with its flexible accounting features. Payroll and tax filing have never been easier; with QuickBooks help, business people are now at ease about their accounting. However, it is not a hidden fact that QuickBooks is sensitive to errors. QuickBooks error 6143 one of the errors. 

This article will discuss the various causes and the best possible solutions to QuickBooks error 6143. 

What Do You Perceive When You See QuickBooks Error 6143?

There could be several causes behind QuickBooks error 6143 if a company files malfunction, distorted files within your computer. A fragment installation of QuickBooks can cause this error. QuickBooks error 6143 can also show up due to missing windows registry files. 

QuickBooks error code 6143 appears and crashes your ongoing screen. We highly recommend resolving this issue as soon as possible because it can cause you further severe problems. 

How To Solve QuickBooks Error 6143?

After understanding the reasons behind QuickBooks error 6143, it is easier to find the appropriate solutions. 

Follow the steps mentioned below so you could resolve QuickBooks error 6143: 

#1 Step: access a demo company file available on your workstation. 
  • This method helps you recognize the problem’s accrual cause; you can verify if there is a company file issue or QuickBooks application issue. When you open the company file, and instead of spreading it shows QuickBooks error 6143, there is an installation issue. 
  • In that case, make sure you repair it as soon as you can. 
  • Select the option “open a sample file” within the No Company Open Window. 
  • Select from the list of the sample company file 
  • If you notice that the demo file is opening, continue to open the file locally. However, if you still come across QuickBooks error 6143, it is time for your QuickBooks reparation. 
#2 Step: start the company file locally: 

This method will identify if the issue lies with the company file location. If you are able to open it when it is stored within the desktop, it can depict a damaged location. If you are unable to open the file even after changing the location, there are chances to have a damaged file. 

  • Start the folder that stores the company file. 
  • Look for the file having an extension. 
  • Click right on the file. 
  • Pick the copy. 
  • Then you have to enter the desktop. 
  • Click right on the desktop. 
  • Select the paste option. 
  • Hit the control key. 
  • Start QuickBooks. 
  • Get into the No Company Open Window. 
  • Select the option called restore an existing Company. 
  • Shut each of the QuickBooks Process. 
#3 Step: shut each QuickBooks Process. 
  • Sign in as the administrator. 
  • Hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously. 
  • Click on the Users tab so the method could display for all the users. 

If you have still not fixed the issue, maybe the location is causing the issue. 

#4 Step: Configure Antivirus Software’s
  • One of the most common reasons for this QuickBooks error is that your firewall’s antivirus could be blocking access to specific QuickBooks programs or files. 
  • You can consider configuring your firewall ports and let your antivirus exceptionally allow access. 

Final Words: 

Through this article’s medium, we hope you could resolve QuickBooks error 6143, and now you can freely use QuickBooks. Keep in mind that the QuickBooks errors can be fixed. However, they can never be eliminated. Therefore, you must contact QuickBooks support phone number. The experts are available at your service anytime and any day listening to your queries and guide you through the relevant solution. All you have to do is give it a try.

If you’re looking to solve your QuickBooks errors, contact QuickBooks customer care online and get your problems solved in minutes. For more details, you can explore QuickBooks Help Center.