Fix QuickBooks Error 6147

Best Ways To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6147

QuickBooks Error 6147

QuickBooks is cherished and appreciated among various companies. It has made accounting management super easy for everyone for small businesses to large enterprises. Because of that, many business owners can save themselves a lot more time. However, one thing that disturbs its users is recurring errors such as QuickBooks Error 6147.

This blog will discuss the causes, symptoms, and best possible solutions to QuickBooks Error 6147, so stay tuned.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 6147

Have you ever wondered why you are seeing QuickBooks error 6147? The following could be the reasons:

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6147

Best Solutions To Fix Quickbooks Error 6147

#1 Solution: Install QuickBooks File Doctor

Download and install QuickBooks File Doctor. It will spot and resolve QuickBooks error 6147.

#2 Solution: Generate a new backup file in a different location.

Note: You should verify that the company file name is not more than the allowed 210 characters.

#3 Solution: Configure Trend micro Active Scan

Trend Micro Active Scan settings are to be configured. You have to set aside the folder that has the company file.

#4 Solution: Try repairing .ND and .TLG file

.ND and .TLG files are the QuickBooks configuration files that lead a file to process on a network or a multi-user mode. You can try renaming these files.

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Follow these steps to rename the file:

#5 Solution: change the name of the ADR file.


Hopefully, this article could help you resolve QuickBooks Error 6147 and provide you with convenient methods to fix it.

However, if you are still facing this issue (which is possible and it is alright) you can contact professional QuickBooks error service providers like us; you just need to dial +1-860-813-7413 and avail yourself of the best QuickBooks support anytime, anywhere.