How to Fix Intuit QuickBooks Online Login Problems?

Are you also facing QuickBooks Online Login problems on Chrome when you are either signing in or logging out to it while browsing its official site?

If yes, we are bringing you the possible reasons and best possible solutions for your QuickBooks Online Login Problems with Chrome.

First of all, the user has to identify what is the root of this issue to arise? Is there a problem with Intuit QuickBooks itself or your Chrome browser is a hurdle?

You can go to and detect if QuickBooks is down if it states everything to be OK, then the issue is arising due to your system.

There could be many reasons why the user is not able to log in. Occasionally, the site is down; the app does not work correctly, faces difficulties while signing in, the credentials are incorrect, etc. sometimes, your internet speed contributes to it too.

Looking for instant solution to QuickBooks Online Login Problems?

You can also encounter QBO login error due to security issues. In that case, you will have to update to a new Intuit account with enhanced security. This error comes up with an error message stating, “Account services unavailable, please try back later. “
Intuit QuickBooks Online Login Problems
No matter what the reason is, we will be discussing the critical issues and possible solutions to QuickBooks Online Login problems on Chrome.

Let’s get started…

Factors Causing QuickBooks Online Login Issue on Chrome

QuickBooks users may face an issue when logging to QuickBooks online on Google Chrome, which can be very frustrating.

When you login to QuickBooks Online on Chrome, you can face the following problems:

  • This issue could pop up in case some other person has logged on to another area with the credentials of your account.
  • In case you were not signed out in the right way from the previously held session of QBO.
  • There could be a possibility of a problem with Intuit QuickBooks Online itself; you can if that is the case through the link mentioned above.
  • Old history and cached data can also contribute to this issue as they tend to slow the operation of google chrome and other browsers down.

QuickBooks Online Login Problems With Chrome

One of the most usual QBO login issues arises with google chrome; there could be several reasons behind it.

Let us understand why these errors occur?

The user may encounter various types of login issues, and it is widespread with Chrome in case of QuickBooks Online login such as:

Occasionally the user might see a weird issue like QBO can’t log in, get a spinning circle on the screen and that turns out to be very annoying while working.

  • An error message: services are not available.
  • The sign-in screen could come up in a coil to choose my company.
  • One of the causes could be google chrome is facing issues with loading the QuickBooks Online login page.
  • The unanticipated collapse of google’s chrome while opening QuickBooks Online.

What Are The Major Causes Behind Quickbooks Online Login Issue On Google Chrome

  • One of the major causes for this is an improper sign out by the user from the QuickBooks online session.
  • In case a user logs into QBO with similar credits and any other system, this issue might occur.
  • The user might also face this error if a firewall or antivirus obstructs access.

The user can solve this problem with ease with the steps mentioned down below.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Online (QBO) Login Problems for Chrome

#1 Use some other browser to sign-in

Try using some other online browser; it seldom happens that your chrome’s configuration settings are not proper, ultimately leading to problems. The user may try using Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox browser.

#2 Use Incognito tab in your browser

The incognito tab neither records your history nor does it save your data, so the user could try to use QuickBooks online in the Incognito tab of the chrome version, and it will work as normal as it does in the standard chrome version.

To start this tab, start to google chrome and press ctrl+shift+N to tap into the incognito tab.


Start Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right in the corner, and select “new incognito window”. You will find yourself in front of the same.

#3 Include an additional user to the chrome

In case the solutions mentioned above do not resolve your problem, we recommend adding a new user to your chrome and then log in to QuickBooks Online, you can do that by following these steps:

  • Look for the vertical three dots on the top right side in the corner in your google, chrome, go to the settings.
  • Find the user’s options in the settings.
  • Choose “Add New User options.”
  • Choose an icon, fill the user name, you can create a desktop shortcut option ( if not you can skip the “create a desktop shortcut”), click on the “create” option.
  • Once you finish this, the new user chrome icon will show up on the top left corner of your chrome homepage.

#4 Erase history and cached data

It is a straightforward and standard method to fix this issue; the user has to follow the given steps to perform this method:

Go to the Customize and Control Google Chrome symbol on the right side of the corner of your screen and select settings.

Look for the history tab, select it, and select clear the browsing data option.

You will then see a lot of history tabs options in front of you, tick the ones you want to delete and clear cookies, cached images, files, other sites and also the plug-in data.

Advanced Steps To Resolve Quickbooks Online Login Problems With Chrome

#1 Validate the SSL settings of the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer:
  • Press Windows+R keys to open the “run box” and type “inetcpl.cpl” and choose OK.
  • Search for the “Advanced tab” in the Internet Properties window.
  • Give a check to the “SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0” in the settings drop-down list to turn it on and choose OK.
  • Run your browser and sign in to QuickBooks Online.
Mozilla Firefox:
  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • In the address bar, enter config and press “enter.”
  • Then write TLS in the search bar.
  • Double click on “tls.version.min“
  • Then type the integer number following the TLS / SSL version to enable it and click on OK.
  • The last step is to close the browser then open again and sign in to QuickBooks Online.

#2 Confirm and alter the additional privacy settings

  • You have to make sure that the settings are set to Medium or Low.
  • Then you have to allow the access manually to the
  • Then you have to allow the cookies.
  • Lastly, leave all the browsers and log in again.

How can you examine security settings for Internet Explorer?

  • Press Windows+R key and open the run box, then write “inetcpl.cpl” and click OK.
  • Then open the Advanced tab, and scroll-down to the security option.
  • Un-check the “Do Not Save” encrypted pages to disk.

What Is Quickbooks Online Login Error 504 “Gateway Time-out”

504 Gateway Timeout occurs due to the delay in loading the website on the server. There couldn’t be anything wrong with the device as the problem is arising in the server.

Yet the user can try to fix this error 504 by themselves.

There is a possibility that this error is short-lived, so you can press F5 to refresh the webpage a couple of times.

You can also start all the network devices again.

See if the DNS server is not incorrect (though your internet service provider must have configured it correctly.)

Communicate with your ISP and discuss 504 gateway timeout errors.

In case the error does not get resolved even after trying the solutions mentioned above, so the problem is most probably arising due to the Website server issues.

How To Resolve “Oops, Something Went Wrong” Error Appears While Signing In To The Quickbooks Online.

Sometimes the user may come across an error message stating “Oops, something went wrong” even after filling the correct username and password.

This situation arises due to a third-party extension called “IBM Security Trusteer Rapport”. It has an objective to secure the financial data from the malware, but it can also hinder the QuickBooks Online login process.

The user has to deactivate this extension if they want to login to QuickBooks Online. They can follow the following steps:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right in the corner.
  • Choose “More tools” then click on the Extensions.
  • Write down “Security Trusteer Rapport” in the search bar and deactivate it.
  • You can try to use the incognito tab in google chrome to login to QuickBooks Online in case you do not wish to deactivate it.

Note: before processing the steps mentioned above, the user must update the browser as well as the extension and ensure if he can sign in.

Quickbooks Can’t Log In, Get A Spinning Circle On The Screen

A user might seldom face this error where he can’t log in to the QuickBooks and gets a spinning circle on the screen, which is annoying. Let’s discuss the possible solutions.


Try to open QuickBooks Online on the incognito tab to seclude this issue, then after some time erase the browser cache you are currently using.

Steps to start an incognito tab:

  • Press ctrl+shift+N in google chrome or click on the three vertical dots on the top right side in the corner and click on “New Incognito Window.”
  • Press Ctrl+shift+P in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Press Command+Shift+N for safari.
  • Erase every cached data and temporary files of your browser .


The user must reboot his system once as it will lead to refreshing the whole system background processes that are causing the sign-in errors.

Set your privacy settings to medium or low and allow the access to reopen the browser after adjusting your settings and try to start QuickBooks.

In case the steps mentioned above don’t work out, try to reinstall your QuickBooks Desktop and login again.

Sometimes people come across a problematic situation where they load some websites on their computer but are not able to sign-in to any of them.

To resolve this, the user has to ensure that there is no problem in the settings of Google.

Make sure that you enable the cookies and javascript, and nobody else has access to your accounts.


Whenever you encounter QuickBooks Online Login Problems on chrome with any of the websites you are trying to access, then there is a difficult circumstance. When such problem arises, you can explore the web browser’s settings and ensure no such issue is associated with chrome.

Suppose you are still going through the same issue. In that case, we recommend contacting our certified accounting professionals, dial our QuickBooks Error Helpline and avail of services from our certified QuickBooks error expert team, who are there for you 24/7. We will be happy to help you out in your all accounting related problems.