How To Solve QuickBooks Error 3140?

QuickBooks is the most appreciated accounting software all across the globe for specific reasons. However, like any other software, it faces technical glitches in the shape of QuickBooks Errors whenever someone enters invalid data in the system, or there is an issue with program coding. 

This article will discuss one such error called QuickBooks Error 3140. It shows up when the user faces syncing issues with the data, and there is a corrupted downloading process of QuickBooks. A malware infection or a virus attack can cause the same issue. 

quickbooks error 3140 message

Let us discuss the causes and the solutions of QuickBooks Error 3140.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 3140?

  • You can end up seeing QuickBooks Error 3140 if you have not installed QuickBooks the right way. 
  • If you have downloaded QuickBooks from a corrupt source, this can also lead to QuickBooks Error 3140. 
  • If unknown changes have been made resulting in the corrupted Windows registry, you can end up seeing QuickBooks Error 3140. 
  • A malware infection or a virus attack can cause QuickBooks Error 3140 in your system. 
  • One of the most common reasons is accidentally deleting a QuickBooks Company file. 

How Does Quickbooks Error 3140 Impact Your System?

After recognizing the causes, let us discuss their effects on your system. 

  • Your system will start delaying the response to your mouse and keyboard commands. 
  • You will face active window crashes. 
  • The error message box will show up on your screen and close the system for no reason.
  • The mouse cursor will move even slower. 
  • You will notice a system freeze for a while. 

Solutions To Fix Quickbooks Error 3140

After understanding the reasons behind QuickBooks Error 3140, you can resolve this issue correctly. It is unimportant to understand the causes of a problem to find the relevant solution. 

Follow the Steps Mentioned below to fix QuickBooks Error 3140. 

# Solution 1: Scan your system to eliminate malware

One of the most common causes for QuickBooks Error 3140 is the malware attack. Ensure you run a complete system scan and clean it thoroughly to remove any malware signs. This is the first thing you must try before trying out other solutions. 

# Solution 2: Disk Cleanup

One of the other common causes includes the pile of useless files and folders accumulated within your system. They get saved when you browse through the internet resulting in slow QuickBooks, it is essential to get rid of such files, and you can resolve QuickBooks Error 3140 efficiently. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform the disk cleanup:

  • Click on the start button
  • Within the search area, type “command.”
  • Press Ctrl+shift keys simultaneously on your keyboard and press enter. 
  • You will then notice a dialogue box popping up on your screen; press the “yes” option.
  • You will then find a black box showing up on your screen having a blinking cursor, type “cleanmgr” within this box and hit enter. 
  • After performing the previous steps, disk cleanup would initiate verifying the stuff you could recover after deleting the unnecessary files. 
  • A disk cleanup dialogue box will show up with checkboxes; mark the boxes of the folders you wish to clean. 
  • At last, click on the “ok” button. 

If solution two could not help you resolve this issue, we recommend trying the final solution. 

# Solution 3: Update PC Device Drivers

Updating your device drivers can help you resolve QuickBooks Error 3140. You can use DriverDoc to update your PC Device Drivers, which would fix QuickBooks Error 3140 tremendously. 

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above could help you fix QuickBooks Error 3140, and it no longer exists in your system. Make sure you dial QuickBooks customer support number at +1-860-813-7413 and get in touch with experts who would help you resolve this issue in no time. The best part of all is you can avail this service anytime and any day. 

You can contact QuickBooks tech support through the official site of Intuit. However, they do not offer a support number, so you have to get them either by mail, live chats, or QuickBooks help community

These options are ideal if your issue does not need immediate attention. However, for instant support, make sure you dial +1-860-813-7413

You do not have to worry about the long waiting time on call. Our QuickBooks customer service representatives will resolve your issue in no time. All you need is trust in our service.