QuickBooks Desktop Premier

Taking Your Business to a Whole New Level with QuickBooks Desktop Premier

The  QuickBooks Desktop Premier comes with added functionality. It includes all of the best features of QuickBooks Pro and deeper and more detailed reports on industry basis as we will see below. The reports include over 150 financial, sales, and tax reports. It has customizable tools that can help you to track your company’s inventory, create purchase orders, and set pricing levels. Moreover, this version of QuickBooks allows you to automatically forecast future growth opportunities, sales, and expenses.
Below, let’s look at the features of this new QuickBooks version in a more detailed manner, among other things.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Features:

With the QuickBooks premier 2020, you will be able to more conveniently organize your finances and payroll at the same time. That will help you save time for other daily tasks of the company. Don’t forget that you’ll still have all the features of QuickBooks Pro Desktop. On top of that, you’ll have access to industry-specific functionalities and reports.
Some of the brand-new features include Automated Reports. With this feature, you can put your reports to your liking and schedule them for automatic generation and emailing. Another feature that you’ll enjoy is Multi-Monitor Support. With this one, you’re sure to get work completed faster with windows opened throughout multiple monitors.
The Chart of Accounts Search is another feature that goes without mentioning. This feature enables you to easily locate an account or even a sub-account by simply entering the account number or name on the search bar.
QuickBooks Desktop Premier goes a long way to help you find solutions about your company and thanks to the Report Filters option in the report, find it easier interpreting the data. So, just like you would expect, you can still track your business’s performance with a single mouse click financial, sales, and tax reports.
Moreover, QuickBooks Premier 2020 offers an enhanced multi-user support for added convenience and association in your company. The QuickBooks Premier 2020 can also see the company file name displayed in the deposits summary. The fact that the reports are easy to use enables the users to get any information they need, view the trends of expenses and income by category. Additionally, getting a real-time picture of your company’s activities with Business Snapshot will help a great deal.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Industry Editions

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 comes with industry editions and allows you to select an industry of your choice during the QuickBooks Desktop Premier installation. Here are the various industry editions:

The General Business QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 allows you to easily manage your inventory items. You can easily and quickly find items and do inventory-related activities in one place courtesy of the QuickBooks Inventory Center

What’s more, you’ll be able to seamlessly keep track of your balance sheet by category. That is made possible by the inbuilt easy-to-access report that enables you to track your financial information separately by department, location, or profit center.  

Last but not least, with this QuickBooks Desktop Premier option, you can bill customers progressively by material, time, job phase, or even the percentage of completion.  

The Contractor option allows you to organizer your task costs by the vendor and find out which vendors still require being paid.

You’re also able to create task estimates and keep a track of change orders as well as their impact on your business. 

Moreover, you can use this option to analyze how profitable a job is. Through the customized job reports, you can view the job’s profitability on a task-by-task and detailed level.   

Keep a track of the inventory and set the best inventory levels. By running a report, you can see which items need to be reordered. 

Additionally, you can track the most significant sources of money for you to understand which items you can promote and which ones not to.

This industry option of QuickBooks desktop premier 2020 also allows you to conveniently prioritize the orders to satisfy. You’ll be able to instantly found out which to ship and which ones not to.

This industry edition will help you to find out who your biggest donor is and track his contributions through the end-of-year donation statements feature.

Create Form 990 features lets you discover your expenses to present to your biggest donors, board, and the IRS

Finally, you’ll be in a position to track the total contribution of each donor by getting a donor contribution summary report. 

Use this edition to track any unbilled expenses and time by employee, client, project, or service in one place. From the same place, you can send an invoice easily with a single touch of your mouse.  

Additionally, find it easy to set different rates of billing by the client, employee, or service. That will facilitate you paying or being paid the appropriate amount. 

Analyze different projects courtesy of the various reports accessed and stay up to speed with the most profitable projects.  

This edition can help you to easily keep track of all sales results. The Sales Summary Form enables you to accurately and conveniently track sales. With the form, you can enter all the payments, taxable and non-taxable sales for every day throughout the period you decide.

Stay up to date with the inventory and costs by easily tracking inventory and setting reorder points.

Also, get to run a profit and loss summary by easily comparing a single month’s profits and losses against another.

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QuickBooks Desktop Premier System Requirements

To enjoy the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020, your system should have Windows 10 update or any Microsoft edition or Windows 8.1 Update 1. Ensure you have Windows Server 2019, 2016, or 2012(or R2) and 2.4 GHz CPU. The system should have 4GB RAM or preferably 8 GB of the same, 2.5GB disk space is recommended as extra space for data files and 4x DVD-ROM drive.

Note that Payroll and online functionalities need an Internet connection with sufficient speed. You also require production registration.

This QuickBooks version is optimized for high screen resolution (1280 x 1024 or higher). It supports a single workstation monitor and a maximum of two more extended monitors and it’s compatible with Default DPI settings. 

QuickBooks Premier 2020 Installation

When it comes to how to install QB Desktop Premier 2020, the process is very easy. After you have downloaded the version, you can follow the following simple steps for installation if you’re installing QuickBooks for the first time.
If you have still not updated to QuickBooks Desktop Premier, it’s now time to do the updates and enjoy the latest features. The process is easy and quick. And in case you’ve stuck anywhere, the Intuit customer support will gladly help you out. So, what’s stopping you?