How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1327?

QuickBooks Error 1327: Fix it like a pro

Have you ever encountered QuickBooks Error 1327 and are unable to resolve it? But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This section is designed to help users who are experiencing the Incorrect drive letter error 1327.

When it comes to QuickBooks error code 1327, it’s essentially an installation error that occurs when the QuickBooks program is being installed or when the drive registered is unreachable. In basic terms, when the device disconnects from system drives and other external storage drives, an error occurs.

You may encounter QuickBooks Error 1327 when the drive recorded in the error message is inaccessible during the installation. This could happen if your computer becomes disconnected from a system drive or the removal of a portable storage device, such as a USB streak drive or advanced camera.

QuickBooks Error 1327. The drive letter is invalid
Error 1327. “The drive [ drive letter] is invalid”

Such an error can be difficult to deal with at times, which is why we’ve written this section, in which we’ll go through the factors that contribute to the ongoing error, as well as potential troubleshooting measures.

Thus, if you want to avoid making the mistake on your own, it is recommended that you read this article all the way through.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1327

Storage systems that have been corrupted or relocated

This is particularly true when attempting to install QuickBooks on an external memory device such as a hard drive or a USB flash drive. QuickBooks Error 1327 happens when there is a loose link or when it is detached during the installation process.

Microsoft.NET Framework is malicious

The Microsoft.NET Framework program that comes with Windows assists in ensuring a complete and proper installation as well as managing the operation of the security software on Windows. If the.NET Framework is damaged, the error will appear.

Incorrect Registry Configuration

A registry is essentially a spot on the machine where it keeps track of anything that happens on it, such as the location of and file’s storage and so on. QuickBooks Error 1327 occurs when the drive name or location for QuickBooks installation on your device is incorrect.

The error that is specific to the system

In addition to all of this, certain system-specific errors can exist that can only be resolved by a technician.

Solutions To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1327

Listed below are the solutions to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 1327:

Solution 1: When you’re logged in to the network, deploy Window 10

  • To open the window, tap the window logo + the run button.
  • To use the control panel, click it and then press the ok button.
  • Choose from a variety of small symbols by clicking on see (small icons).
  • Providing access to the device as well as a split emphasis.
  • To adjust the adapter package, we select the one on the side.
  • Those that are mentioned must be right-clicked in each adapter, and those that are disabled must be clicked.
  • We received a message stating that our link had been lost and that we did not need to link with the network.
  • If we leave this window open, all of our connections will be disabled, and we will have to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Finally, return to the network link window to see if the installation is complete. Make sure your network link is turned off.

Solution 2: The user must first build a new window and then install it.

  • Choose a start button and then go to settings.
  • Select the family from the drop-down menu under accounts.
  • Connect another person to this computer by clicking the button.
  • We must first enter a name and a password before clicking the ‘Next’ button.


QuickBooks error 1327 can be solved using the above-mentioned solutions easily. If you are facing any problems in resolving the error, you can connect with QuickBooks error support experts for additional support and technical guidance.