QuickBooks Error 15222 – Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks Error Code 15222

Accounting features brought a new revolution to the world of accounting. They were even considered the death of the accountants. However, the case is just the opposite; accounting software and accountants go hand in hand these days. Many accountants these days prefer using accounting software as they get their work done quickly and more accurately.

The most preferred software of them all is QuickBooks. It is appreciated and adored by all. Its fantastic features have provided ease to its users like never before. It has various versions, and the user can pick whatever they like.

QuickBooks brought a new revolution in the world of accounting. These days almost no business runs without QuickBooks as the essential accounting software. Even if someone hires an outsourced accountant or a bookkeeper, they prefer QuickBooks as their base.

Accounting has never been so easy if it was not for QuickBooks. However, this perfect-looking software is not as perfect as it seems. It, too, faces various recurring problems in the form of QuickBooks errors 15222 is one of these errors.

Let’s discuss the solutions to QuickBooks error 15222; but, before jumping straight to the answers, explore some causes of this particular issue.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 15222 Show Up?

There could be several reasons for this error code to show up. This error generally shows up while downloading a payroll or updating QuickBooks; some of the other most common reasons for this error code to show up are:

  • This issue can persist if some antivirus, anti-malware, or anti-spyware is considering QuickBooks update as a threat. In cases like this, we must perceive that there is no link of QuickBooks error 15222 with the antivirus until it merges with the anti-spyware.
  • Second reason could be the expiry of the registered digital signatures.
  • Another significant and most common reason for QuickBooks Error 15222 to show up is when the internet explorer is not the default browser.

Helpful Tips To Fix QuickBooks Error 15222

Consider installing a digital certificate:

  • Turn off the QuickBooks Desktop first. It is essential to turn it off because not doing so can interfere with the digital signature tab.
  • Next, click right on QBW32.exe, situated in C: Program Files Intuit QuickBooks, and choose properties.
  • The user will then have to click on the Digital Signature tab. Make sure that Intuit, Inc is selected in the signature list.
  • In the next step, the user has to pick the details, and within the digital Signature Details windows, press View Certificate.
  • Then mark the “install certificate” within the certificate window.
  • Continue clicking the “next” button until you reach the page that shows “finish.”
  • Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, reboot your system and download it once more.

Time to Update Some Software

The user needs to update some software such as anti-adware, anti-malware, anti-spyware, or antivirus to follow certain exceptions like Intuit.com, QuickBooks.com, and Payroll.com.

Authenticate the Internet Explorer Settings

  • First and foremost, set the internet explorer as the default browser.
  • Make sure that the date and time of the computer that exists are correct.
  • Make sure you have checked the Cipher Strength.

It is time to perform the whole set’s update; press the tools and click on the internet options. Pick delete that is located on the general tab. The user then will have to pick the temporary Internet Files and press “delete.” eventually, select the LAN settings on the connection tab. 

Mark the Checkbox Present Next to “Automatically Detect Settings” and Make Sure Both SSL 2.0 and 3.0 are Showing as Marked

We hope through this article we could convey the best possible solutions to QuickBooks error 15222, and we could also explain to you the root of this error code to show up. Optimistically, these solutions to the error code 15222 must be sufficient for you. However, if that is not the case, you can consider seeking assistance from the professional QuickBooks error support providers. There are plenty of them in the market, and you are free to pick any. You also have the option to choose the most suitable QuickBooks support provider from the QuickBooks official site itself.

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