QuickBooks Error 6129 (How To Fix It)?

QuickBooks Error 6129 appears when the database connection verification fails, or QuickBooks tries to access the Company files. The error message states “Database Connection Verification Failure,” and you can’t access the company records. If you see the error code 6129 even after being connected to the network, there must be some network issue.
In order to solve QuickBooks error code 6129, it is crucial to know the major causes of this issue.
Let’s discuss this error code in more detail.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 6129 To Arise?

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 6129

#1 Solution: change the name of ‘.ND File’

#2 Solution: duplicate the company file to another location.

Steps to set up folder permission:

Click right on the folder that saves the company file and choose properties, then select “advanced in the security tab.”

Make sure the following settings are enabled:

  1. Transverse folder/ execute file
  2. List folder/ read data
  3. Read the attributes
  4. Read extended attributes
  5. Generate Files/ write data
  6. Make folders/ append data
  7. Write the attributes
  8. Write extended attributes
  9. Read permissions

How to change “not properly set up permissions.”

How to modify the folder permission:

#3 Solution: Restart computer in the safe mode

If the user restarts the system within the safe mode, they can prevent the interference of the third-party application in the processing of QuickBooks. On the other hand, you can also disable the third party application provisionally.

#4 Solution: make sure that “all computers” is in the same domain

In case you do not have a domain, you can contact the one who set up the network.
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Still Facing Issues With QuickBooks Error Code 6129?

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