How To Fix QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013?

Are you having trouble deciding what to do with QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013? You don’t have to be concerned any longer, because we’ve written this article based entirely on the OLSU 1013 mistake. When it comes to the OLSU error 1013, it normally occurs when QuickBooks software is not correctly linked to the bank.

What is QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013?

If QuickBooks is unable to connect with the bank’s server, the error OLSU 1013 occurs. On your screen, you’ll see an error message that says, “An unforeseen error occurred.” The error is caused by the inflexibility of branding and profile servers, according to the error message. You will be asked to cancel your account and set it up again in order to continue using the online services. If the issue persists after completing the account reset procedure, the error message advises contacting QuickBooks help.

QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013

Causes of QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013

As previously mentioned, there are a number of possible causes for the QuickBooks OLSU error 1013. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most compelling explanations for this error’s occurrence. Take a look at this:

  • One of the biggest shortcomings of QuickBooks is that it is obsolete.
  • If you are using a mode other than communicate or side-by-side mode, this issue will occur.
  • If you have entered incorrect login credentials, this error can cause you problems.
  • If the internet explorer setup does not support the link between the QuickBooks desktop and the bank, QuickBooks will not connect or will have problems connecting to the bank.

Important Things To Remember Before fixing QuickBooks error OLSU 1013

Before you begin the fixation process, make sure to review the following guidelines:

  • The user must search the company file’s backup.
  • It’s also crucial to match any current download transactions.
  • The user should check to see if they can sign in to the bank’s website from outside of QuickBooks and if there are any pending alerts.
  • Also, see if the error occurs in the classic mode of bank feeds. If it isn’t, it means that the bank’s file is better viewed in classic mode.
  • It’s important to ensure that the user has access to the internet and that the Windows firewall isn’t blocking QuickBooks connections.
  • Any pending download transactions should also be matched by the user.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013

Listed below are the solutions to fix the QuickBooks error OLSU 1013:

Solution 1: Make changes to the Internet Explorer settings

  • If your browser settings aren’t allowing QuickBooks to link to the Internet, you’ll need to change them.
  • Tap the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of Internet Explorer 11 to open it.
  • Now go to Internet Options and choose the Advanced page.
  • Down in the Security Section, uncheck the USE TLS 1.0 checkbox.
  • To enable the TLS 1.2 protocol, select USE TLS 1.2 and click Apply.
  • After closing all running programs, press OK and restart your computer.

Solution 2: Let QuickBooks Express Mode work for you.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the task:

  • Select Preferences from the Edit tab in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Find and tap Checking on the left side of the dashboard. Next, go to Company Preferences and pick Express mode in the Bank Update window.
  • To confirm the changes you’ve made, click OK.


QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 is a banking error that occurs in the connection from the bank with the software. You can try to resolve this error with the help of the solutions mentioned in this post. If not, you should connect with AskOfficial’s accounting software experts for instant solutions.

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