QuickBooks Invoice Help

QuickBooks Invoice help – Learn How to Create Impactful Invoices

The best way of making a good impression of your business’s professionalism to your clients or customers is how you present your invoices. You can’t achieve a good presentation or show that professional image when your invoice is missing some bits of information or it’s hand-written. However, learning how to make good, professionally-looking invoices is not a thing for everyone. 

If you wish to make amazing QuickBooks invoices that impress your customers but it seems like a mountain you can’t climb for you, don’t worry. Intuit understand your concern and is ready to take you through a simple training so that you can be creating impactful invoices like a pro. The QuickBooks Invoice help ensures that you not only create wonderful invoices but also do it easy and fast.

Learning how to create QuickBooks invoices ought not to overwhelm you. All that Intuit requires from you is dedication. The QuickBooks invoice help they provide to you ensures that you become confident and never feel overwhelmed while making your invoices. 

Generally, many people find it hard creating invoices. Additionally, learning QuickBooks can sometimes be a huge struggle for many. The learning process requires time and you can’t afford to make mistakes as it’s an expensive affair as your business needs you to keep up to speed. Intuit offers the solution to you through their QuickBooks training that requires you to dedicate 2 days only for training. After that, you’ll become ready to handle any tough QuickBooks issues that come your way. 

Going back to our topic, you now need to learn how to create nice QuickBooks invoices. The following is a QuickBooks Invoice help in a step-by-step manner on how to do that in minutes. So, it’s time to learn what it takes to create and send invoices with QuickBooks.

How to Create an Impactful Invoice Step-by-Step

  1. Creating an Invoice: To create an QuickBooks invoice, you simply navigate to the Invoicing section and tap on “Send Your First Invoice” on your Dashboard.
  2. Choose the Client You’re Invoicing: It’s now time to select the client or customer that you want to send the invoice to. Add their details and click on “Save”. By so doing, you’ll be adding their name to the Customer List.
  3. Choose the Terms of Payment: You’ll need to choose the terms of payment. For instance, you can select Net 30 to imply that the particular customer has to pay the invoice in 30 days following the date of the invoice.
  4. Enter the Item You Sold: You may not have added this product or service yet. Thus, it’s now time to do so. Click on “Add” and then enter the details of the product.
  5. Email the InvoiceWould you like to email your invoice to the customer? Well, just enter the email of the customer.
  6. Customize the Invoice: You now want to change the looks of your invoice and make it a little professional. Click on “Customize”, and then click on “Edit Current” right below the invoice.
  7. Add Logo: Adding your logo to the invoice is easy. Just choose the logo file. QuickBooks will match the template colors of the logo. However, if you want another different color, you can simply choose it on the image.
  8. Change Invoice Template: Perhaps you might decide to change to a different look. Fortunately, QuickBooks comes with a wide selection of templates to meet your needs. Scroll through to the left-hand side of your invoice and choose templates and change how your invoice looks. When you’re through, save the invoice.
  9. Setting up Payment Online: It’s fast and convenient to let your customers send payment to you through online means. So, click on “Get Payment” set up and fill out an easy application. Don’t worry that you’re stuck anywhere, contact QuickBooks and receive the fast and easy fix.
  10. Send the Invoice: When you’ve completed all that and you’re ready to send your invoice, click on “Save” and send.
  11. Customize the Email and Send It: It’s easy to change the body or subject of your email to anything as you like it. When you’ve done that, click on “Send” button then close to have the invoice sent.
When it comes to QuickBooks, not everything is easy for everyone to do. However, it’s easy to learn and become a pro. QuickBooks Invoice help ensures that you don’t experience persisting issues when you’re creating and sending invoices to your customers. Hopefully, the above information will help you out where you might be stuck. But if it still doesn’t, the QuickBooks contact number will help you get the more help anytime you need it. Enjoy creating great invoices that impress your customers and facilitate you getting paid fast.