QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 175305 [Fixed]

QuickBooks POS is a trusted and amazing accounting software to manage inventories of small businesses. However, you can encounter issues while working, and certain errors can occur. One similar error is QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 175305. It’s part of the “Troubleshoot store exchange errors” section.

About Store Exchange Errors

The exchange of data within your Headquarters and Remote stores is known as Store Exchange. A mailbag is a set of data sent between stores. One or more of the following are the most common causes of problems during store trade.

You mean the data transfer or movement between your headquarters and the distant stores when you say “shop exchange.” The data being transferred is referred to as the “mailbag.”

Causes of the QuickBooks POS Error 175305

The following are the causes of the QuickBooks Point of sale error 175305:

  • Preferences for several stores are incorrect.
  • The files have been damaged.
  • QBT is a file format. A corrupted “.qbt” register.
  • An inconsistency between the remote store’s store exchange password and the HQ’s.
  • The mechanism is being hindered by the firewall and security programs.
  • There are problems with compatibility.
  • In multistore, the license number is wrongly configured.
  • In case, you are not logging in as a Windows administrator.
  • Transferring a mailbag from one HQ file to another.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 175305

Listed below are the solutions to fix QuickBooks point of sale error 175305 (store exchange errors in QuickBooks Point of Sale)

Solution 1: Disable the Contact Tool for Store Exchange.

  • Pick ‘Preferences‘ from the File menu, then ‘Company‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • Now pick ‘Multi-shop’ and then ‘Store Exchange.’
  • Make a list of the ‘Current Preferences’ now.
  • Select ‘Not Used’ and then ‘Save’ for each shop.
  • Reopen the ‘Business Preferences window’ (File > Company Preferences > Multi-Store > Store Exchange) now.
  • Join the original company choice after that. This will be performed for each communication system used by the shop. Now press the ‘Save’ button.
  • Proceed to the second stage of Store Exchange, which is Stores > Send File.

Solution 2: Passwords for all stores should be reset.

Note: Be certain that all of the passwords are the similar

  • Choose ‘Preferences‘ from the ‘File menu,’ then ‘Company‘.
  • Select ‘Store Exchange‘ in Multistore.
  • Click the ‘Options tab‘ now.
  • Adjust your password by pressing the ‘Change Password’ button (Ensure that passwords are the same)
  • Carry on with the next Store Exchange period.

Solution 3: Enable compatibility mode in Point of Sale (in Windows 7 only)

  • Point of Sale should be closed.
  • To troubleshoot compatibility, right-click on the POS icon.
  • Pick the ‘Troubleshoot software’ and make sure that all of the Recommended Settings are selected.
  • Do the next process of Store Exchange as you did in the previous measures.

In Conclusion:

QuickBooks point of sale error 175305 comes under the category of store exchange errors. Consequently, the chances of losing your data become high. So, you should always take a backup of all your company data files before trying the above solutions. If the above solutions are not working out for you, then you can reach out to the QuickBooks support phone number to get your error fixed.