How To Use Audit Trail Reports In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

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This article will browse you through how you can use Audit Trail Reports in QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.

When it comes to keeping track of missed transactions, the audit trail summary in QuickBooks Enterprise is a beautiful tool. This function allows the user to keep track of the modifications made in the QuickBooks data file by other users. Furthermore, as many users operate on the same file, it becomes overburdened, making it impossible to identify the missing transaction. This post will go through the steps to run the audit trail report in QuickBooks enterprise solutions.

This article will browse you through how you can use Audit Trail Reports in QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.

Why Do You Need An Audit Trail Report In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

You may wish for an audit trail report for the following reasons:

This particular tool trains the employees on how to use QuickBooks properly. This will lead to no further issues. 

An additional necessary explanation for using the QuickBooks desktop audit trail is that the administrator controls the purchases and entries made in the QuickBooks business file. This summary provides the customer with a detailed description of previous transfers or admissions, which might be required if there are any anomalies in the bank account.

How To Activate QuickBooks Audit Trail Feature?

The following steps can be taken to toggle on the steps to allow the QuickBooks audit trail feature:

  • The user must first pick the edit menu, followed by the preferences command.
  • A preferences dialogue box can then appear on the computer.
  • The following move is to modify the accounting preferences to reflect the adjustments you wish to make.
  • In addition, use the icon bar on the left to pick the accounting range of priorities.
  • Now, select the Business Preferences option.
  • Also, contact QuickBooks to inform them that you will be using an audit.
  • The user must check the audit trail checkbox and press OK to call QB to access the audit trail.
  • Finally, QuickBooks can keep track of who makes modifications to the accounting log.

How To Customize QuickBooks Audit Trail Report?

Display: Under the view option, the user can see a number of choices. Filter the report date range and days entered/last updated. The user should not be misled by the days entered/last changed option because the user must choose the day when the transaction was modified or entered in the date range. The user would also have the opportunity to view the deleted transactions on the right side.

Filter: Filters may be used to narrow down the search for purchases. There are various filters to choose from, including name, number, account, customer work, vendor, and several others. The user must scroll down and pick the desired alternative before entering the necessary information in the middle input box to use these filters. To delete a filter, the user must highlight it and then select the remove specific filter function.

Header/Footer: This choice allows you to adjust the quality of the report’s header and footer. Changing these parts is a quick operation. The user may also refer to the picture that is associated with it.

Fonts/Numbers: This choice allows the user to adjust the appearance of the report. If you don’t want to change the information, go to edit > Preferences > Reports and graphs > business preferences > format and pick the default report settings.

The user will see that each line contains the same transaction but at different times. When reviewing the audit trail in QuickBooks, the user can ensure that they read the proper marketing because it may get overwhelming when it is filled with entries.

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