Quick Tips to Resolve QuickBooks Error 77

Quick Tips to Resolve QuickBooks Error 77

With emerging technologies all across the globe, people are experimenting with new software. QuickBooks is one of them, and it was the first software that brought an unexpected revolution in the accounting world. It has endorsed well-developed online accounting assistance in the market.

However, despite its accomplishments, it could not overcome its technical glitches. QuickBooks error 77 is one of the errors that disturb the users with its recurring presence.

In this article, we will discuss the various causes and the solutions to this problem. It is important to spot the cause before the solution.

What Leads To The Presence Of Quickbooks Error 77?

QuickBooks Error 77
  • In case you find the company file available on the external source instead of the local or network drive. This scenario can lead you to QuickBooks error 77. 
  • Another reason for this issue is when QuickBooks fails to open the company file. 
  • QuickBooks error 77 can show up when you are using QuickBooks within the multi-user mode, but your security software is blocking the communications. 
  • One of the reasons that may include is the wrong permission of the folder in its location.

Solutions To Quickbooks Error 77

After recognizing the causes of QuickBooks error 77, it is best to look into its solution. Follow the undermentioned solutions to get rid of the same:

#1 Solution:

  • First of all, you need to download the QuickBooks File Doctor. 
  • After completing the download, click twice on “qbfd.exe” so you could successfully install the file doctor and follow the instructions mentioned on-screen. 
  • You will notice the file doctor automatically opening after the complete installation. Find the green icon within the Windows taskbar. 
  • If you require to use the company file, click on the drop-down list. 
  • Hit the browser option when you don’t find the company file within the list. Find it manually to proceed further. 
  • It is time to pick one of the options mentioned below: 
    1. File Damage and Network Connectivity: when you access a company file and notice potential damage or see an error of 6000 series. 
    2. Only Network Connectivity: when you try to access a company file using the multi-user mode and come across an H series error. 
  • This time you have to fill in the admin password. Then enter the company file and hit enter. 
  • Choose the server or the workstation whenever needed. 
    1. If you want to run the File Doctor within a workstation, hit the option called “pick workstation.”
    2. Click on the “pick server” option when you decide to run the QuickBooks File Doctor within the server Computer. 
    3. However, if you are the sole user, choose the server and start using QuickBooks. 
  • If you decide to run the File Doctor on the server Computer or the Host Computer, Hit yes. 
  • In case you run the file Doctor in the system that does not host your company file, click on the “no” option. 
  • Have patience till the file doctor is finished with their job.

#2 Solution: 

  • Find the local company files. 
  • Search for the files with an .ND and .TLG extensions. 
  • Include .OLD extension in the file. 
  • See if QuickBooks error 77 does not exist anymore.

#3 Solution: 

  • Hit the start button, and within the search area, type “Command” and hit enter. 
  • Hold Ctrl+Shift on your keyboard, then select enter. 
  • Hit the yes button once you find the permission dialog box. 
  • You will then notice a black box appearing on a screen having a blinking cursor in it. You have to type ‘sfc/scannow’ and hit the enter button. 
  • The system file checker will then initiate the system scanning. 
  • Finally, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and see if you have got rid of the error already.